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Since 2005 the companies that distribute Havanas in different territories around the world have been invited by Habanos S.A. to bid for the chance to develop their own special sizes in the less well known  Havana brands, to be made in limited quantities for sale only in their own markets. These cigars are known as Regional Editions.


  • Limited production of a standard Havana vitola (size) that is new to a particular brand.
  • ‡Can only be requested in a less well known Havana brand.
  • ‡Can only be sold in the distributor’s market.
  • ‡Presented in numbered boxes (from 2006).

In 2005 Hunters & Frankau, the UK’s Havana distributor, helped to pioneer the project with the Ramon Allones Belicosos Fino. However the Regional Edition concept has since been refined by the addition of numbers on all the boxes and a second band to identify the region for which the cigar has
been made.

In 2007 H&F was granted  the Por Larrañaga Magnifico for which a special century-old cigar band was re-created.

Two cigars were awarded in 2008. One was the Gloria Cubana Glorioso for which not only a special vintage band was re-created, but also an antique box label to be placed inside the lid. The other was the Punch Serie D’Oro No.1 or Gold Series No.1, which came in a style of box that had not been seen for over forty years.

2009 again saw H&F granted two Regional Editions: the El Rey del Mundo Choix de L’Epoque and the Juan Lopez Selección Suprema for which a special band was printed. Another two were secured in 2010: the Por Larrañaga Regalías de Londres, also dressed in a special band, and the Flor de Cano Short Robusto, the first long-filler, hand-made cigar to be made in this brand for two decades.

The Bolivar Britanicas in a box decorated with a reproduction of an old label and the Punch Medalla de Oro with each cigar part-wrapped in gold foil were produced for the UK in 2011, although both cigars were released during the following year.

All releases since 2011 have carried on the second band the words “Exclusivo Gran Bretaña” (Great Britain) instead of “Exclusivo Reino Unido” (United  Kingdom) to identify the region for which the cigar has been made.

From 2012 onwards, only one Regional Edition has been permitted for each market.  The Ramon Allones Petit Belicoso, a shorter version of Hunters & Frankau’s first Regional Edition, was picked that year. And in 2013, another long-filler, hand-made Flor de Cano has been made under the name Gran Cano, which is dressed in a band inscribed with its name and in a box bearing a reproduction of an old label on it. The Por Larrañaga Sobresalientes is the 2014 UK Regional Edition.This cigar represents the third time that Hunters & Frankau have selected Por Larrañaga to produce their Regional Editions, but the first time that the Sobresaliente vitola has been presented in the Por Larrañaga brand. The Bolivar Belgravia is the 2015 UK Regional Edition. This is the second time that Bolivar has been selected to produce a UK Regional Edition, following on from the 2011 release of the Bolivar Británicas Extra.

The 2016 UK Habanos Regional Edition, the Juan Lopez Selección Superba, was launched by Hunters & Frankau at The Churchill Bar & Terrace on Tuesday 8th November.This is the second time that Juan Lopez has been chosen to produce a Regional Edition for the UK, following the 2009 Selección Suprema.


REGION: Great Britain
VITOLA: Selección Superba
LENGTH: 5 7/8 inches
This UK Regional Edition 2016 cigar has been produced by the Empresa de Habana at their factory in San Antonio de los Baños in Havana Province. Only 60,000 of these cigars have been produced so there are only 6,000 numbered boxes.
This is the second time that Juan Lopez has been chosen to produce a Regional Edition for the UK, following the 2009 Selección Suprema.


REGION: Great Britain
VITOLA: Montesco
LENGTH: 5 1/4 inches
The Bolivar Belgravia is named after the area where H&F held their 225th Anniversary party on 19th June 2015.
The Bolivar Belgravia vitola is exactly the same as the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill, released in 2010, and once again demonstrates the increased appetite among cigar smokers for wider ring gauges.



REGION: Great Britain
VITOLA: Sobresalientes
LENGTH: 6 inches
FLAVOUR: Light to Medium
The Por Larrañaga brand was registered by Ignacio Larrañaga in 1834, making it now one of the oldest cigar brands still in current production. The Spanish word “Sobresaliente” translates into English as “Outstanding”.
This particular vitola (size) was first seen in 2007 as the Partagás Sobresaliente in the Replica de Humidor Antiguo. Only 200 humidors containing 50 of these cigars were made. To this day it remains a very rare size and one that cannot be found in any standard production lines.
This cigar represents the third time that Hunters & Frankau have selected Por Larrañaga to produce their Regional Editions, but the first time that the Sobresaliente vitola has been presented in the Por Larrañaga brand.


REGION: Great Britain
VITOLA: Gorditos
LENGTH: 5 1/2 inches
The Le Flor de Cano Gran Cano Cigar was selected by Hunters and Frankau for the UK regional edition, following on from the success of the Short Robusto just three years earlier. This new cigar is considerable in size, especially for this small Cuban brand. This cigar has become incredibly rare since its introduction and is now seen as a collectable. The aging process treating these cigars well as the flavours mould together for a cigar that is milder in strength but stronger in flavour.


REGION: Great Britain
VITOLA: Petit Belicosos
LENGTH: 5 inches
FLAVOUR: Medium to Full
Ramon Allones is one of the oldest Cuban cigar brands still in current production having been established in 1837.  The brand was set up by two brothers, Antonio and Ramon Allones and was originally housed in La Eminencia Factory, Havana.
Colorado maduro smooth and vein free wrapper, cool and easy draw, sweetness from the first puff to the last leaving you longing for another one.


REGION: Great Britain
VITOLA: Dobles
LENGTH: 6 1/8 inches
FLAVOUR: Medium to Full
The Punch “Medalla de Oro” is one of the vitolas that has been selected by Habanos in 2012 to offer exclusively to Great Britain. These “Medalla de Oro” are manufactured with selected leaves from the world’s best tobacco and comprise a special and unique production of 3,000 individually numbered boxes of 10.

Bolívar Short Bolívar 2008

REGION: Asia Pacifico
VITOLA: Petit Robusto
LENGTH: 4 3/8

Released in 2008 and limited to a small quantity of 7,400 boxes each containing 25 cigars. A short, powerful and aromatic smoke ideal for enjoying bolivar flavour with full ring gauge when time is limited.

Bolívar 681 2011

REGION: Bulgaria
VITOLA: Sobresalientes
FLAVOUR: Medium to full

The first ever regional edition selected to be released for the country of Bulgaria This cigar was handpicked by over 1000 Habanos enthusiasts and selected by vote to represent the history, spirit and culture of the Bulgarian connoisseur. It entered the market in November 2011 and is limited to a release of 2,500 boxes of 10 cigars.

Bolívar Emperador 2011

REGION: Russia
VITOLA: Hermoso No. 2
LENGTH: 6 1/8”

Released in 2011, and Limited to a quantity of 2,500 boxes of 10 cigars. It comes as no surprise that the power and strength of the Bolivar brand was selected to become the first regional edition Habanos for Russia

Bolívar Lusiadas

REGION: Portugal
VITOLA: Perfecto
LENGTH: 5 2/5”

Named after the work of 16th-century Portuguese Luís de Camōes who is considered by many to be the language’s greatest poet. Released in April 2018 and Limited to 6,000 Boxes of 10 cigars exclusive to Portugal.

Bolívar Short Bolívar 2017

REGION: Andorra
VITOLA: Petit Robusto

Nine years after the release of the 2008 French regional edition the Bolivar Petit Libertador. Habanos have released the same 4” x 50RG vitola exclusive to the small country of Andorra located on the border between Spain and France. Total production was limited to just 3,000 boxes of 20 cigars.

Bolívar Tesoro

REGION: 5th Avenida
VITOLA: Salomones
LENGTH: 7 1/4

This 5th Aveneda regional edition is exclusive to Germany, Austria and Poland. Limited to 6,000 boxes with each containing 10 cigars. Its name ‘Tesoso’ means Treasure in Spanish and its salomones vitola means a double figurado shape with taper at both ends including a large 57 ring gauge at its widest point.

Ramon Allones Perfectos 2014

VITOLA: Britanicas Extra
LENGTH: 5 3/8”
FLAVOUR: Medium – Full

Released to Switzerland in November 2014 and limited to only 5,000 boxes of 10 cigars. Ramon Allones sees a throwback to Standard band B with its green and white embossed design used for cigars produced for pre-1960’s releases and discontinued in early 1970’s. An elegant cigar with the double figurado shape of the perfecto.

Ramon Allones 35 Phoenico 2015

REGION: Libano
VITOLA: Montesco
LENGTH:  5 1/8”
FLAVOUR: Medium – Full

Ramon Allones is the favoured brand of the Lebanese aficionados and was selected for a 7th time as a regional release in 2015 to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Phoenicia A.A trading company. A large quantity of 10,000 boxes of 25 cigars were produced but are now rare to find in humidors across the globe in 2020.

Ramon Allones Hermitage 2017

REGION: Russia
VITOLA: Genios
LENGTH: 5 1/2
FLAVOUR: Medium to Full

The Ramon Allones Hermitage is only the second regional edition for Russia and first presented during the VIII Habanos Day in St. Petersburg at the Kempinski hotel on September 2017. The choice of launch location being no accident with the Russian state Hermitage museum of art and culture in view of the launch location. Limited to 6,000 boxes of 10 cigars.

Ramon Allones Robusto XXL 2016

VITOLA: Geniales
LENGTH: 5 7/8
FLAVOUR: Medium to Full

The Ramon Allones Robusto XXL is the third regional release for the Belux region. Its launch was intended for 2015 but pushed back to November 2016. This regional edition shares two countries Belgium and Luxemburg creating the regional name Belux. Limited to 5,000 ten count boxes.

Ramon Allones Hexagone 2017

REGION: Francia
LENGTH: 5 1/2
FLAVOUR: Medium to full

France unusually has two distributors for Cubans, each one being responsible for different Habanos bands. 2017 saw the launch of two new regionals exclusive to France Corpova S.A.S Ramon Allones Hexagone Limited release of 6,000 boxes of 10 cigars.

Ramon Allones Grandes 343 - 2008

REGION: España
VITOLA: Double Corona
LENGTH:  7 1/8 Inches
FLAVOUR: Medium – Full

The Ramon Allones Grandes 343 was released in Spain in 2008. Presented in 10-count lacquered wooden boxes in the style of the original 8-9-8 but in this case 3-4-3 and limited to 12,000 boxes. It features the same ring gauge as the Ramon Allones Gigantes but half an inch shorter. As with all regional editions it must be a vitola from the Habanos S.A portfolio but not an active vitola within the brand. The Ramon Allones Grandes 343 has copied the format from the San Cristóbal El Morro, a cigar that debuted in 1999.

La Gloria Cubana Glorias 2015

REGION: Germany, Austria & Poland
VITOLA: Rodolfo
LENGTH:  7 1/8
FLAVOUR: Mild to Medium

A figurado vitola called a Double Pyramid, which is a whole inch longer than the Piramides vitola and extra ring gauge. This makes the ‘Glorias’ a very large format cigar for Cuban Habanos. Released in 2015 and presented in numbered varnished semi boîte nature box of 10 cigars limited to production run of 6,000 boxes. A medium bodied from one of the lesser known Cuban brands, La Gloria Cubana. It can be enjoyed for up to two hours smoking time.

Saint Luis Rey Marquez 2016

VITOLA:  Geniales
LENGTH:  5 7/8
FLAVOUR: Medium -Full

The Saint Luis Rey Marquez was released in November 2016 to coincide with the annual Partagás Festival. It is the fourth regional edition made exclusively for the Cuban market and was limited to a production of 7,500 boite nature boxes each housing 10 cigars. Made with the finest tobacco leaves from Vuelta Abajo growing zone wrapped together by a dark colorado wrapper.

Por Larrañaga Secretos 2013

REGION: España
VITOLA: Petit Corona
LENGTH: 4 3/8
FLAVOUR: Light – Medium

The Por Larrnaga brand was founded by Ignacio Larrañaga in 1834. The 2013 release, the Sectretos was Limited to a production of 8,000 numbered boxes each with 25 cigars with all tobacco coing from the Vuelts Abajo growing zone. A small vitola of light to medium strength.


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